"Accessories" (PTFE glas fabrics, belts, sponge rubber, blades...) pictures

Sealings (o-rings, stamped, sawn or watercut) in

NBR, SBR, MVQ (silicone), EPDM, FKM (Viton®[TM Dupont]), POM, ...

O-rings NBR EPDM FKM  Sealing  Sealing 

PTFE coated glass-fabric, PTFE tapes,heat sealing tapes (also Kevlar® [TM Dupont], silicon coated, or for high freqnecy sealing applications polyester film, NMN, polyimide film...), PVC frame sealing, food industry belts

PTFE - teflon®- glas fabrics PTFE - teflon®- belts

Accessories for packing machines - PTFE coated cutting wire, heat sealing elements in all sizes with silver or copper plted ends, hard silicon strips self adhesive or not.

Sealing wire  

Belts - belt guides  - hot air pipes

rubber timing belt  endless belts conveyor belt

Sponge rubber

sponge rubber profils   sponge rubber balls  

sponge rubber densities  sponge rubber colors

Different qualities / densities available - standard in orange. Also available : blue, green, yellow, red and black

Heat schrinkable PFA/FEP sleeves

to cover shafts, lamps, sensors... 

Heat schrinkable sleeves  

Silicone sleeves (respiratory / laboratory ou industrial applications), soaked silicone glas silk and profiles

Silicone sleeve Silicone tubes  Silicone profiles 

Knifes / blades (packing application, bread sclicing, meat- and vegetables applications, ...)

 knifes packaging  Bred slicing blades  skinning derinding blades