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Brauer - Thermal printheads

Thermal printheads

Selling printheads on international scale is our core business.
With several thousands of printheads sold per year, Brauer has become one major European player in this business.

For more details about the thermal printheads of each brand, please clic on the logo of your choice.

 thermal-printhead-for-Allen®    thermal-printhead-for-Avery-Novexx®  thermal-printhead-for-Bizerba®   thermal-printhead-for-CAB®        thermal-printhead-for-Citizen®        thermal-printhead-for-Datamax®   thermal-printhead-for-AEW Delford®   thermal-printhead-for-Digi® thermal-printhead-for-Easyprint®  thermal-printhead-for-Eltron®   thermal-printhead-for-Espera®   thermal-printhead-for-IER®  thermal-printhead-for-Intermec®  thermal-printhead-for-ITW_Betaprint®_Jaguar   thermal-printhead-for-Leich+Mehl®  thermal-printhead-for-Markem®    thermal-printhead-for-Domino_Mectec®  thermal-printhead-for-Meto®    thermal-printhead-for-Novexx®  thermal-printhead-for-Pago®   thermal-printhead-for-Printronix®    thermal-printhead-for-Sato®    thermal-printhead-for-TOSHIBA-TEC®    thermal-printhead-for-UBI®    thermal-printhead-for-Valentin®   thermal-printhead-for-Videojet Dataflex®  thermal-printhead-for-Zebra®         

and other printers and Print & Apply manufactures.

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This page allows you to make a choice of the thermal printhead of your label printer.

Don't forget to clean regularly your thermal printheads f.i. with isopropyl alcohol.
This cleaning operation is necessary to prolong the lifetime of your printhead. Printing on labels or on plastic foils is source of wear of your printhead, which is more significant if you make thermodirect printing (with thermo sensitive labels so that no thermotransfert ribbons are necessary).

Thanks to the list of above mentioned printer manufacturers, you have the possibility to choose according the required resolution of the printer (mostly 203 dpi, 305 dpi or  608 dpi) the thermal printhead you need.

Please contact us even if you don't find immediately the thermal printhead for which you request a quotation.